VIDEO: The Birth of “Chaos”

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Sean Spencer’s intensity is no secret. Turns out, the man they call “Coach Chaos” has been that way for years.

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We Don’t Have To Be Afraid Of The Elephant #MyBrothersKeeper by Biko Baker

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young black boys

Why is it so hard for Americans to talk about race? It has been the proverbial elephant in the room since before any of us were alive, but nobody wants to really address that it’s stinking up the place. Perhaps it’s the fact that we will have to discuss our country’s confusing and often painful history. Or maybe it’s because some of us are too ashamed of our ancestor’s actions to even acknowledge that the game is rigged, even just a little bit. Racial conversations are uncomfortable, and very few of us are really equipped to deal with them in a meaningful way.   Regardless, our country’s inability to have any type of meaningful discussion about the way race impacts society is having a clear and devastating impact. Consider Jordan Davis, Trayvon Martin, and Darius Simmons, all three teenagers killed for no reason other than because they were young black men.

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